For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell


I have tried to acknowledge all sources used. There are sources for data embedded in the family trees section of this site.

Some person pages have footnotes either at the bottom of the page, or if they are substantial, on additional linked pages:


This site is a product of many people’s labours and the following, though not a complete list is the start of one.

First thanks to those no longer with us who were curious about their ancestry and kept notes: Gertrude Fox, for making the first comprehensive, if not entirely accurate, family tree in the 1930s and for writing on the back of pictures, and John Dennis Russell for keeping his research notes from the 1960s so meticulously.

Thanks to all the people who June Addison and I interviewed and who allowed us to copy their photographs: including Helen Russell, Honor Newman, Truda Mc Neill, Agnes and Cecil Rough, David Russell, and his mother Ethel.  Thanks to my mother Anne Grey for putting names to the photographs found at Dalvey Cottage after Hilda Russell’s death.

Thanks to June Addison, whose idea it was to interview all our oldest relatives in the 1980s, and who typed up the notes and drove the car. To Tristan Russell for his dedication to researching and publishing family history, and for the finances behind researches in America, Malaysia and this web site.  Thanks to Gloria Schexnayder and Dennis Dearie for their information on the American branch of the family, and to James Davidson for his information on Australian relatives, to Mike Russell for the research on his father Donald and Georgina Craufurd on her grandfather George Russell, and thanks to David Lamb, the descendant of Charles Dearie who commissioned Beatrix L. Walker’s research in Scotland and shared it with us.

Also thanks to Geoffrey Swinfield my tutor in genealogy at Morley College for undertaking the first research on the 1860s American Dearies, my friend Pam Cohen for her skill in transcribing, typing up letters and correcting my grammar and my brother Neil Grey for his additional research, especially about London’s past, and his help in improving my writing.

Claire Grey November 2009



Above: Gertrude Fox's 1930s family tree, with additions by Anne Russell. Accurate in places, unreliable in others.