For the descendents of Richard Dearie and his son John Russell

Kathleen Russell's Notes on J.A. Russell written in a 1947 diary.

J. A. Russell & Co. were appt as secretaries instead of gen. managers & secretaries.

Also the buying was taken away from Loxleys and given to Beattie’s firm.

Drysdale was released & automatically resumed his position on the board as director-

It was found that Shearn had also been appt a director during Robbin’s time just previous to the evacuation.

So there were 2 on each side.

Warren was Kelman’s nominee


Delamore gave p.a. to Beattie. Kelman was on the board.

Colonial Office got in touch with Beattie about starting collieries again.

Beattie and Kelman formed the board with Bob as secretary.

Bob was made a director.

Bob was sent out here as managing director

The board had appointed Elliot as G. M. on £5000 per a.

Drysdale was unable (to) use his vote on any matters in connection with J. A. Russell & Co.

W. ( William ?) arranged to make preparations for a general meeting of shareholders getting out a statement of the position & Bob was told that unless he agreed to

1) Drysdale & Clarkson to be on the board

2) J. A. Russell & Company should have the a/cs (accounts?) of the company.

3) Loxleys put back in their previous position.

The day before the notice was to go out Bob accepted our terms rather than be exposed as having been dismissed from J. A. and Co. before & having a large remuneration £4,500 p.a.

He was still managing director under his contract.

Until when in when in 1947 he was found to have exceeded his powers in one respect to his benefit (cost of living allowances) & on this the board asked him to resign and gave him 6 months pay

? At that time Kelman’s alternate was not functioning (Shearn found his terms of appt were not in order – a legal point –

& the board consisted of Shearn, Drysdale, Clarkson & a man called Charlewood (Harper and Gillfillan firm)